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*Special Kushi Institute Summer Conference 2016 Items*

Kushi Institute Coffee Mug



Kushi Institute White Chef's Apron








By Edward Esko


  • The humble dandelion is a valuable natural food and a treasured health tonic. It symbolizes the tenacity and resiliency of nature. Its bright yellow flower heralds the coming of spring. Its magical puff ball delights children the world over. The dandelion has the power to grow, develop, and prosper in spite of humanity's best efforts to stop it. The dandelion, or "lion's tooth" in Old French, is a perfect example of the spirit of independence, wonder, and self reliance that is at the heart of the macrobiotic way of life.
  • The essays in this book, written by one of the world's leading teachers of macrobiotics, cover a diverse range of topics, from diagnosis of current social leaders to discussions of brown rice, miso soup, kuzu and kanten; from a tribute to Michio Kushi to how to open the third eye; from the energetics of food to the origin of gluten sensitivity.
  • The next twenty years could be the most important in history. The essays in this book help explain why.


Amberwaves Press
Quality Paperback
122 pages - $12.95




Macrobiotic Natural Food Cooking Class DVDs

With Gabriele Kushi


Experience Gabriele Kushi teaching cooking classes at her Kushi’s Kitchen studio. With 30+ years of macrobiotic and natural foods cooking experience, she provides a complete lesson and gets you involved, thus you loose your inhibition in creating your own recipes.

The Kushi's Kitchen DVD Set Includes:

  • DVD 1 - Whole Grains
  • DVD 2 - Beans
  • DVD 3 - Sea vegetables
  • DVD 4 - Green Leafy Vegetables
  • DVD 5 - Round Root Vegetables
  • DVD 6 - Be Your Own Sushi Chef
  • DVD 7 - Fermented Vegetables and Pickles
  • DVD 8 - Miso Soups
  • DVD 9 - Desserts
  • DVD 10 - Condiments
  • DVD 11 - Internal Home Remedies        


Remembering Michio: Special Commemorative Edition

by Michio Kushi's Students, Friends and Family

Special 10% discount until August 1st 2015!
Bulk discount pricing available!

   “In these heartfelt tributes, we glimpse Michio’s many sides, as members of his family, teachers and students, counseling clients, and associates share their treasured memories, reflections, and anecdotes.

   “The most indelible portrait we glimpse, of course, is of Michio in the lecture room, drawing spirals on the blackboard, explaining the hitherto unexplainable, and like the commander of the Starship Enterprise suddenly trans-porting the entire class to a higher octave at warp speed with his spiritual teachings.

   “Off center stage, too, we glimpse life growing up in the Kushi family, living in the Kushi House, and occasional bingeing with Michio after the last class or consultation of the day.

   “Then, most mysteriously, there are the many private moments in which Michio reveals a person’s past relationships, current family situation, or future destiny that no one could possibly know.”

—from the Introduction


Cathy Albanese • Carlos Aponte • Andrea Beaman • Jan Belleme • John Belleme • Simon Brown• Martha C. Cottrell • M.D. • Mina Dobic • Christian Elwell • Edward Esko • Wendy Esko• Bernard Faber • Alice Fava • Olaf Fischer • Drusilla Graham • Virginia M. Harper • Rod House • Naomi Ichikawa • Alex Jack • Gale Jack • Phil Jannetta • Woody Johnson • Sachi Kato • Bill Kaufman • Kit Kitatani• Ron Koetzsch • Susan Krieger • Dennis Kucinich • Angelica Kushi • Gabriele Kushi • Hisao Kushi • Lawrence Hauro Kushi • Lianna Kushi • Norio Kushi

• Phiya Kushi • Sean Kushi • Janet Lacey • Carol Louro • Judy MacKenney • Larry MacKenney• Robert Mattson • Mitsuko Mikami • Tom Monte • Rich Myers• Gideon Nelissen • Wieke and Horriah Nelissen • Mayumi Niimi Nishimura • Patricio Garcia de Parades •  Zlatko Pejic • Christina Pirello • Jessica Porter • Michael Potter • Sandy Pukel• Arthur H. Robbins• Evan Root • Michael Rossoff • Naoki Sakaguchi• David Sergel • Rudy Shur • Kezia Snyder• Bill Spear • Jane and Lino Stanchich • Sanae Suzuki • Bill Tara • Eric Utne • Chico Varatojo • Denny Waxman • Melanie Brown Waxman • Ken Williamson • Bettina Zumdick

300 pages, quality paperback, $19.95



Edward Esko Summer Conference Lectures - 3 CD Set -$29.95

Recorded at the 2015 Kushi Institute Summer Conference.

The 3 Audio CD set includes:

Opening Your Third Eye - 74 min runtime
One Peaceful Universe - 76 min runtime
Ki Energy - 78 min runtime

Individual CD's available for $14.95 each